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Indoor Surfaces


Response has been champion tested as the Official Playing Surface of both the NCAA Volleyball Championships and USA Volleyball National Teams. It brings superior performance and safety suitable for every sport level. Thanks to low life cycle costs, you can have this flooring installed in as quick as 3 days.

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Response HG: Maple Select™


Thanks to the propriety SportGuard™ surface technology, Response HG features a durable, factory applied and renewable polyurethane finish.

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Response HR: Retrofit & Customizable™


Your athletes deserve the best in shock absorption so that they can play at their highest levels, longer. With the safety of built in Lateral Forgiveness™, your customized Response High-Resilience™ can give your team just that. Formulated to fit over old flooring, you can avoid large abatement costs and hazardous materials that are usually associated with replacing worn out floors.

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Best in class, comfortable surface, proven performer — these are all things you want associated with your sport flooring. Because of the low cost and quick install, this is perfect for school gyms and activity centers that need to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Outdoor Surfaces



"The Safest Outdoor Court in the World" isn’t a title that just any sports flooring receives. PowerGame™ features low skin abrasion, high quality materials and UV stabilizers that make your investment last. Your family can play longer and safer than ever with the Double-Tier shock absorbing grid and Lateral Forgiveness.™

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Sport Game™


This advanced athletic surface is the ideal technology for versatile play. Our Patent-Pending build gives you both excellent traction and low skin abrasion for the safest play you can get — at an affordable price, to boot. You don’t need to sacrifice ball bounce or response with our unique Lateral Forgiveness.™

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Sport Deck™


If you’re a racquet sport player, no matter your ability, SportDeck™ was created with you in mind. By retrofitting over most any hard surfaces, SportDeck™ has been the stalwart of outdoor gaming surfaces for 20 years now.

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Sport Base™


Don't just stick with concrete simply due to convenience. Made from 100% recycled material, SportBase™ was created for use under your choice of Game Court system. This is a reminder that it's what underneath that counts.

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